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Alpha Educational Services was established by Lucy Loggenberg in order to provide a full offering of SHERQ services which include auditing, consulting and training backup service to existing and/or prospective ISO Certified companies. Lucy’s extensive legal compliance background in the Mining, Industrial and Retail sectors ensures competence in all areas related to Certification and Legal compliance in general.  Alpha Educational Services is a compliance Hub specialising in Legal compliance services including ISO standards (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018) and integrated systems, as well as compliance to Environment and Occupational Health & Safety legislation.

Alpha Educational Services’ (AES) mission is to make compliance easy regardless of the standard or legislation involved. Its training courses are aimed at equipping learners with the necessary practical experience to allow them to apply their knowledge in their respective work environments. AES offers quality service, and clients’ testimonies are a testament to this.

Lucy Loggenberg, SHERQ Practitioner, is a qualified third part ISO Auditor in ISO (9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018). She obtained her B.Com Law Degree, Advance Labour Law Diploma and Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

At Alpha Education Services we are committed to delivering world-class services which ensure compliance and efficiency. We specialise in the areas of Safety, Risk, Environmental and Quality.

As market leaders in the ISO Industry we make use of specialised skills of  qualified subject matter experts. We are committed to compliance to the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards. Our qualified Lead and/or Legal compliance auditors ensure the successful certification and/or compliance of your required Management System.

Meet our Office Manager, Sonja van Dyk

Why is ISO important?




Because ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard, it has become the basis for creating a quality management system around the world, replacing many previously published requirements. When a company is looking for a supplier, it is often a requirement to have a QMS based on ISO 9001 in order to be considered. This is particularly the case if you are competing for public sector jobs in many countries. Attaining ISO 9001 certification can be a powerful marketing tool.


One of the quality management principles that are the foundation of the ISO 9001 requirements is to improve customer satisfaction by planning for and striving to meet customer requirements. By improving your customer satisfaction you will retain more repeat customers since happy and satisfied customers are the key to keeping customer loyalty. And such customers bring in additional revenues.


By looking at the overall process interactions through the process approach of ISO 9001, you will be able to more easily find improvements in efficiency and cost savings. This is done through eliminating the waste that can occur when processes are maintained without a view of the inefficiencies that can arise during process hand-off. The better process flow can also be used to drive efficiencies towards fewer errors and resulting reworks, which can improve cost savings.


A second quality management principle of ISO 9001 is the need to use evidence-based decision making. By driving your decisions based on the evidence, rather than on ‚Äúgut feelings,‚ÄĚ you can be more focused on applying resources to the areas that will improve efficiencies and increase cost savings with less trial and error to find the right decision. In addition, by monitoring the process you are improving, you will be able to see how much improvement has happened based on the data.


Continual improvement is a third quality management principle of ISO 9001. By adopting this culture to improve your processes and organisational output, you will find efficiencies and cost savings, including the use of systematic processes when problems occur in order to reduce the impact of the problem and increase the speed of recovery. By making this continual, improving year after year, the company can see continuing benefits from this.


Employees who are involved in the improvements of the processes they work with are happier and more engaged employees. Who better than the people working on the process to best identify the areas that need improvement, and to help to test and advance these improvements when they are implemented? Engaged employees are more productive and will help the company better improve and save, especially when they understand how the quality of the process depends on them.

Why ISO 9001 as your starting point?

 The international nature of ISO 9001 has already been identified; and, in fact, ISO 9001 is such a basic and influential standard that it is used as the basis when industry groups want to add specific industry requirements, thus creating their own industry standard. These include AS9100 for the aerospace industry, ISO 13485 for the medical devices industry and ISO/TS 16949 for the automotive industry.

ISO 9001 is also a good foundation for implementing many other management standards, such as ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 20000 for IT service management, which follow much of the same structure and organization. ISO 9001 is the start of good things for your company’s efforts to gain better process control and improvement. By implementing the gains available through an ISO 9001 quality management system, you can build to even higher savings and improvements.

Companies know ISO standards may be good for them, but they may need motivation to get certified. Manufacturing sectors have adopted ISO 9000 for three reasons: the value of the standard, the sales and marketing advantage, and company requirements.




  • Internal auditing (ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018)
  • Legal compliance auditing (Occupational Health and Safety and/or Mine Health and Safety, Environmental)
  • Gap anaylisis audits
  • Labour audits


The purpose of an internal audit is to assess the effectiveness of your organization‚Äôs management system (9001:2015, 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018) and your organization’s overall performance.

The Internal audit will demonstrate compliance with ‚Äėplanned arrangements‚Äô and how its processes are implemented and maintained.

Objectives for conducting an Internal audit:

  • Ensuring compliance to the requirements of internal, international and industry standards & regulations, and customer requirements
  • To determine the effectiveness of the implemented system in meeting specified objectives (SHEQ and operational)
  • To explore opportunities for improvement
  • To meet statutory and regulatory requirements
  • To provide feedback to Top management



  • To assess the extent of the facility‚Äôs compliance with applicable legislation as determined by the audit scope.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented management systems to ensure alignment from a legal compliance perspective within the facility.
  • To present a report to the Management on the status of compliance and make recommendations to address the deviations.
  • To advise on support relevant best practice tools which may assist the facility in improving Legislative compliance.


At Alpha Educational Training Centre, we offer (accredited and awareness training services) that not only imparts the necessary knowledge, but equips Learners with the practical experience in which they will be able to apply the knowledge gained into their respective work environments. The above is achieved by presentations and lectures given by qualified and experienced facilitators with group discussions and workshops.

We offer full Qualifications as well as Unit Standard based training in the following fields:

  • ISO Understanding Training (ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018)
  • ISO Internal auditing Training (ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018)
  • ISO Lead auditor Training (ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015, 45001:2018)
  • National Certificate Quality Management System NQF Level 5
  • National Certificate Occupational Health and Safety NQF Level 5
  • National Certificate Labour Relations Practice NQF Level 5
  • Legal Liability Training

For more information on our services, please send Sonya a Whatsapp on 072 060 5087 or email us at aesoffice@mweb.co.za.

Alpha Education Services is a Services SETA Accredited Training Provider and we are certified to ISO 9001:2015. View our Accreditation Certificates below.

Training teams


At Alpha Educational Services we strive to provide affordable, value-added services to our clients.  Prices may vary depending on the size and complexity of your organisation in which we consider your scope and need.

For any information do not hesitate to contact us.

  • System Implementation
  • Legal registers
  • Management Rep services
  • NBI Brain profiling
  • WSP and ATR reporting
  • Safety files
  • Safety registers
  • Conducting Risk assessments
  • Incident investigation and Root cause analysis sessions

Testimonial – Tshepo Recruitment Minning

Tshepo Recruitment Minning (Pty) Ltd is fully accredited training provider on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Adult Education and Training (AET), we are accredited by MQA
SETA we are also ISO accredited as part of requirement that led to full accreditation hence we would like to thank Lucy for getting us ready for accreditation.

“I brought in Lucy Loggenberg from Alpha Educational Services to carry out an ISO¬†9001:2015 system implementation for me. I have subsequently used her Internal audit services
and attended her training. She has a very in depth knowledge of the ISO standards and was very proactive in identifying our issues and providing recommendations to resolving them.
She successfully identified and resolved issues which were not aligned to requirements.

I definitely recommend to any organization with Alpha Educational Services I have recommended other providers to her services and they are also very satisfied with her

Yours Sincerely
Azaria Tshangase
Training Manager TRM

Testimonial – Hi-Way Parkhomes

I have had the pleasure of having Lucy assist me with our ISO accreditation at various stages and have resultantly enjoyed near-perfect audits.

One of Lucy’s most impressive attributes is her breadth of knowledge. Not only does she possess an in-depth knowledge of the ISO standards, but she is equally proficient with her broad Labour Relations knowledge and advice. Lucy has a very natural and easy way of explaining things and is a natural teacher !

She is committed and has excellent people skills.

I would recommend her to anybody requiring ISO or Labour Relations services.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely


Testimonial – Bana ba Thari

To whom it may concern

Lucy Loggenberg has been very professional in conducting her work with us at Bana Ba Thari Training Academy. Lucy was able to quickly grasp our need and is very people orientated.  She has a vast knowledge and experience and makes the implementation and compliance process relating to the ISO standards a breeze.

I would recommend her services to any organisation in need of ISO implementation, auditing or training.

Alfred Masete

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Issue 1 September 2017

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Office nr. 1
17 Kameeldoring Street


 Contact Details

Lucille Eileen Loggenberg
Cell: +27 73 580 1103
Email: sheq@mweb.co.za

Sonja van Dyk
Cell:  0721251911/0720605087
Email: aesoffice@mweb.co.za


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